Definitely, may be!

Two world!, it’s really hard to figure it out that , it’s really good or bad to deal with two world every day!
One world which you live but never mean nothing from, for it, while the other is you just mean it.
One world which you started to live with your open eyes and the other one which force to live your meant world from the very next moment when you pop up your eye lash, but you don’t, won’t and its just continue every time with your strict pulled off eye lashes.
To deal with first world, we force our mind to do something significant, while our mind convince us to use heart every time, when we mean something, the other world.
One world always counts in time outs, while other one memorized in moments.
We always get confused between this two due to our mind set of choosing something, even if it’s absolutely possible that we can continue with everything, without lifting our point at anything, but we have never trained our self in that way. So, we lose something definitely, even if we may continue with it.
For, let this things to happen we just need do one thing, we have to complete the circle every time, never shorten the path using cross-line, which force you to cut nail even if it hurts. So, believe it as a circle, start connecting. Leave the may be mind set and cover the definitely mind set. Everything is for you only, you just need to mean it.


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