Happy Birthday

Today, i have completed my 22yr long fantastic journey and when i just look backwards for me earth stops counting and i start counting growth and suddenly growth seems too pointless without a loss.
There’s a well known sayings “To gain something, we often have to lose something”. I believe that it’s lose that adds shines and shades of flamboyant nature to our all gains. So, we have to respect and auspiciously celebrate them also.
First, i believe i lost and spoiled nature after i realize that i am young. I am so much conscious regarding good or bad rather than originality. I can’t wait long enough for a reply of my message from some so called my people, but definitely i can wait for sizzling rain up to next year or even more also, as it’s regular!!! I can send a grinned laugh symbol via some gadget but i can’t laugh naturally, as it may look awkward to others, it may rash my impression of being good, well mannered for them. Now pleasure and laugh has different meaning based on the context for me. A long ago, i had a habit of enjoying all path which leads me somewhere, now just that place attracts me for my selfish idea nothing else.
I need reasons, proofs, believes, theories, explanations, surety for a point to move. I can cry while missing something but my eyes never get wet for many things i achieved. During the child age, to enjoy a bicycle ride was an absolute reason for acquiring the pleasure against all my sorrows and now it’s absolutely against my personality, status to ride it. Always the limit limits me, here.
The life one lives as a child was merely a building block toward my adult life. Of course, being young is not easy, in particular the years between childhood and adulthood. As child of eleven i was largely unaware of the trials and tribulations faced by elders and as long as these do not affect me too directly, i was remain blissfully ignorant. However, at the age of eleven myself could not possibly comprehend that. To me, losing a game of contra or dropping a sweet is ten times more important than any other self measured reality of adult life.
The phrase “ignorance is bliss” holds much significance with my childhood. Maybe the ignorance of a child is blissful, but obviously as a child i never recognize that i was ignorant. It is wonderful as it shields the child from the harsh reality of life, but it is also terrible for a child as they want to know anything and everything, and being denied that knowledge can be an awful thing to deal with.
Now, youth is a time when i can consciously decide about my future life. I can choose way for living my life based on my thoughts. I become mature well organized, tolerant.
At last the absolute reason that why I so much love my young age is that “it’s the time of my life when i explore many and wonderful ideas, get to know people, get into different customs and styles and just have fun and be free and being responsible for my actions and messing around with people and just having those memorable moments”


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