Dazzling 108,000 seconds!

Everybody is afraid of the examinations. But it is rightly said by somebody that they are a essential evil. They are essential because perhaps there is no other way of testing one’s ability. They are an evil because they cause a lot of discomfort and tension to the examinees.
In any case, there is no escape from the examinations, at least in the present set up. Our society is becoming more and more competitive day by day. So, for the sake of superiority , the students have to work hard and long to show supremacy results.
Strangely enough, the efficacy of labor of months is tested just in three hours. I strongly believes that its art to score marks in exam, even if you are born intelligent you may get less mark if you don’t know the art of scoring marks in exam.
Today here I am going to discuss something strange what i had experienced in the exam hall during supervision, the attitude of students…behavior of students…what exactly they want to portray…!!!
Today, when i reached the exam hall i was carrying bunch of answer sheets. I saw a different set of students there and that’s what I wanna discuss today..
By seeing the faces of most of the boys i was able to analyze that most of them haven’t shaved for at least 1 week.
I saw a girl sitting on 3rd bench of middle raw…i was surprised to see that what’s the need of creating whole family like situation but then i realized, actually all of them were trying to help her in studies…HOW??…let’s see…they were total 5 people…the girl…three boys…her another friend (this was she!)(and as per my guess she was just interested in figuring out that how the all three boys were helping that girt, not in learning anything related to subject from them).. Girl had a book of maths i suppose…1 boy was trying to show her a Venn diagram and sincerely point out the meaning of different parts of it..other was reminding her about some big integration formula, which he thought definitely most important…and last one had a graph paper with color full shades and lining. These people were behaving as if she (only she) is going on some war…my god…!!!
Some had a self made notes…few were browsing quickly to the printed notes…few had a color full book with all those pics, sorry mathematical diagrams. These are the students who think that in this last five/ten minutes they can do WONDERS…!!!
One another boy was sitting their on last bench in tensed mood and every second minute he was murmuring something…his hair was completely sticky, due to excessive amount of hair oil and it was in season of summer… trust me…i wanted to laugh…
Suddenly I heard giggling noises..i was curious to see how can someone be in so much happy mood before an exam start. I turned my head and saw a bunch of well trimmed, thin, tall, good looking girls with goggles…they seems to be coming right from the beauty parlor. And trust me these were the ones whom I saw with a hell of tensed face when they got the question paper…giving reaction to each other as if their paper is written in machine language.
Ha ha..
Finally I have announced to stop reading and distribute answer sheets…after that again i have announced regular instructions,
and was about to tell them to start…here comes a boy, skin tight T-shirt which was still appearing a baggy one for him, with a torn and faded jeans(its called fashion!), hanging mobile ear phones round his neck…chewing some gum, and asks “ sorry sir i know m late by 3 minutes, may i enter in the class, and he was already in the class, all were laughing”. Anyways as he managed to come within 15 minutes of the start of paper so he was allowed to come. He had only 1 pen and a water bottle in his hand and greeting every one with a smile as if he knows them from century together.
He started answering the paper but even here he was in his own world…he kept tapping his pen on the bench distracting others…i was forced to go to him and ask to stop that, he again smiled and said, ooppss sorry sir. And to my surprise he was done with his paper 45 minutes before the actual time allotted to finish..!!!
So similarly there were different students showing different attitude and behavior. Some were real some were fake, but one thing is sure, every body wants to give a feel to others,
SELF BRANDING…in exam hall…!!!
Some were cracking their knuckles a lot, usually wrists n toes. Highly irritating, especially when in a silent room.
One was making a vampire like teeth, and doing something annoying things…
One girl had a collection of pen from various company as well as respective rifle. I salutes her sincerity. She had a habit of choosing one out of that collection almost after every 15-20 minutes. She had never used a same pen twice.
One guy was with wearing a cap, when i told him to remove it, he replied me that please, allow me, its good luck for me…what a superstition he had!!!
One girl had decorated the bench in a nice manner, everything was placed on the bench in an attractive manner, pen, pencils, sharpener, eraser, i-card, fee-receipt, scale, etc…
One boy had a habit of cleaning his specs after every 15/20 minutes.
I think exam hall is the place where all weird feelings run in your mind.
Most of them had common habit of scratch their chin n even take some close shots at the person sitting next to them to confirm that he/she is not asking anything to intelligent person like them.
It was paper of mathematics so most of the time i was busy in distributing the extra supplementary. Even though I have enjoyed and studied the different and weird behavior of students. I hope that right now you can also relate these happenings with your great student life.
At last I want to confess that even though it was interesting time, but especially i felt better after seeing lots of students after a long time. I missed a lot them during this vacation time, i want to take lectures, labs and tutorials and i want to spend, share time with them, but still i have to wait for a 30 long long days. I don’t know why but i feel great when i am in class or lab or some event with them…Sincerely I love them and I mean it.


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