“Get Connected”

I don’t know that where to or how to start, it is possible that i may choose a wrong start point but i think i will connect properly at the end.

Today, our life is completely different from the people back 20yrs, 10rs, and even 5yrs or less. Its changing like a season frequently, quickly and most important anonymously. Right now we all are busy in achieving targets. We are busy to do something for our self, sorry sorry, its all merely for our name!!! Strange but true!!!

Suppose someone asks you that who are you??? Everyone’s reply is formally same. It includes name, but i think it is given to us by our parents to identify us from a crowd. Just for a moment think that what is your identity??? Just make a deep dive into you, your self, your mind…

We just need to understand that if you are life for your self then you are the death for your self. We become that much selfish that we have defined our areas and for other areas we have developed sign board – “you will definitely got nothing here”. We are knowing, realizing everything but certainly we are just not able to do that, or i can say we don’t dare to do that. Suppose we start taking care if each and every branch, leaves, flower of plant, we keep them clean using mushroom clothes, decorate them for a period of week, what happen whether the plant will grow or not? Its never, ever. So for a life of forever we just need to take care of roots, nothing else, all other thing will shine as per natural nature.

Sometimes we feel that we just get stuck in something, and there is no way for coming out of it. Here, if you leave your area that you have created for your self, and start it again in wildness of nature and you will realize that most of the so called trouble get solved in few moments.

Realize the happiness for your heart by your heart not by your mind. Differentiate between achievements and happiness, achievements is just a moments while happiness is journey. Just important thing is that you just need to get connected to nature, your environment and live it, don’t feel shy because of other people as all are busy in their so called “target to achieve” life style. Just try to listen everything which is important it will help you to get connected. Everything speaks: the jungles, the birds, the moon, the mountains, the lakes, the deep valleys, the clouds, the stars, the sun and the animals. These you learn to listen. I believe, nature is the core inspiration for every great invention. Man got the idea to fly by watching birds soar through the air. The beautiful sounds of birds no doubt inspired a few man made melodies over the course of history. A garden in full bloom gave way to more than a few poems. For as long as i can believe, inspiration seems to be firmly rooted in nature. Never, make a blind run toward your achievements, they are important but just keep little attention throughout your journey, feel and live each moments in today. Find your own identity more then your name. Win against your self, your boundary type mindset.

Go ahead, get off the computer, and listen to nature for inspiration, for your self, for your people.

I think i have connected it properly!!!


2 comments on ““Get Connected”

  1. I’d have to test with you here. Which is not something I often do! I enjoy reading a post that may make individuals think. Also, thanks for allowing me to remark!

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