Its like a postulate!!!

A human emotion (i.e. Love) cannot be physically touched, heard, smelled, observed. still, we believe in Love? So is this faith (What is faith even??? :?) that we have in a thing we call Love? Does it not exist since we cannot scientifically prove it ? and if exist then how to prove it?

What is a proof? – A subjective measure at which we start accepting presence or validating acceptance of something., and definitely its based on some sort of evidence, enough evidence. Then, when enough is enough?!!!

So, i think acceptance or rejections of something is just a human mindset. Because in our day to day routine life we believe in things, which we can’t be physically touched, heard, smelled, observed. As sometimes we are saying – color of that thing is red, ans definitely its same for all, it won’t be green for anyone. We are accepting certain matters without proofs. This is sometimes called “First Person Subjective Experience”.

So, let’s return to our original discussion that how to prove love?
I think your behavior helps you to prove love. This behavior can be different for expressing the same thing (Love). This behavior can be the smile on your face, your warmth and care for someone, striking charm in your eyes, a tight hug, even a kiss on a forehead . You can tell a person a thousand times a day how much you love them, but actions speak louder than words.That special smile when you see them, hugging and kissing them, etc. It’s the little things you do such as listening if they have a problem and really caring and helping all you can. Fortunately, we can’t buy love and we can’t force love on someone if they don’t love us back. So, just quit worrying about so much regarding proof, just start playing your original character and deliver to them what you want to.

At the end, there may be several ways for realizing and describing love, but i love some ways more. Here they are

  • Start to think and feel nature 🙂
  • Do small favors without a word 😉
  • Show your feelings through your actions 😛
  • Say it in a cute way!!! 💡
  • Express consideration 🙂
  • Forget about proof ➡
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