Glide into that Night

It was 14th April, 2012 and time seems to be exactly around 11:50:23 PM and in my hands one book “Into the Wild” was resting like a little baby ans i was completely, deeply feeling great while reading this book. Everything was fine, but suddenly it was a power cut who was responsible for broke between me and my baby book…OMG!!! I just shouted so loudly that even dogs stopped barking, and i just started to laugh mindlessly. Please don’t make any wrong impression regarding me, i am completely healthy and not a mentally challenged or sick person, i am absolutely fine.

I felt very suffocating so i walked out into my little porch and settled into chairs. After that i didn’t know that for how long i sat there with silent closed eyes without any thought, but after some or more couple of moments one creature disturbed me and pushed me to open my eyes to check out that what is happening on my t-shirt collar. It flues away, but it had already interrupted mine silence.

At the very next moments my eyes were towards the sky, and i just got amazed and and and stood for a very long time while looking into the ocean of sky. There were countably infinite stars were talking with each other, some of them were so little like 1 minute aged baby, and similarly shining like baby.blinking red, blinking blue, blinking green, blinking purple, blinking milky white, blinking…blinking…ans so on. i knew that my taste regarding color sounds very bed. i started counting on them i had added many starts many time in count and i was laughing sometimes and smiling other-times, at the end i was enjoying that power cut with one of the wild, romantic, superior creature of god. i just couldn’t understand that who was justifying or adding flavors to whom. It was sky or it was night, but finally i decided that its combo, both were incomplete without any one – Ek Duje Ke Liye.

That coolest, darkest night was bright, with a starlit sky, I sit and think, as time passes by. Oh starry night, with a moonlit sky, take me away, and tell me why!. Give me a reason, for love’s end, give me a reason, for why I lost a friend. I sit and think, all night l, and at the end sky full of starts and my mind full of questions, but at the end i started to love god from that point while before that night i just respect.

Suddenly something rang, yes that my cell phone’s alarm tone that reminding me that it was hungry means battery low!!!. By the time when power was back that i could never know. Surprisingly i found that time was exactly around 3:08:13 AM, so it was 15th april, 2012 instead of 14, and its around the same time when titanic sank exactly 100 years ago. I left my cell phone alone in my bed room, switched of fan switch and back to balcony with my bed.

So, it was Most glorious and alive night ever for me!!!


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