It’s too Possible

Everyone know that most of the thing, people, matter whatever exist in the world is always biased based on circumstances and besides that if you want to continue your journey towards your dreams without loosing the charm of your single breathe like moments, and sometimes in a worst circumstances when you feel, not even you feel but you strongly believes that god is against you and he is just against you, whatever you think, act, believe, then its never easy to stick with your unbalanced, slippery path that you have taken to climb up to the peak of your dreamy tree with your desire to enjoy each and every branching path without concentrating on the falling leaves.Then its never easy!!!

Am I changing the world? No, probably not… but I guarantee that my family and my students will remember me for the rest of their lives… They will remember the crazy stupid one, who lived with them and taught them some subjects. They will remember how I pushed them to give their all in class and never settled for second rate work when he knew they could do better. I am not saving the world… but I am changing lives (even if it is just one or two people)…. what about that should be easy?, and even after that its is possible that my efforts are giving me some harsh or a bag which is full of hibernation moments instead of appreciation, but i should not and even i am not looking towards them, i have to just learn something fruitful from those strongly cloudy season also. I firmly believes that we don’t always agree with the things we learn but we respect them and follow them when it is required.

But at last I think about how far I have come, how much I have learned, and how this is the first time in my life where the need to run away from something difficult is not overwhelming my every decision. So, its not always easy, but its too possible. Rise, Live n Shine.


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