Witness of a glorious event- Nakshatra

Yes, i am a witness of a glorious, fantastic, stunning event nakshatra’12. Accidentally i got a chance to be a part of a team which has created history in the month of march at ddu. i met with some sort of people who looks like us, but they are totally different from us, They just don’t believe them selves but they do something that people has to believe on them. Chetansir helped us a lot to find a proper team. Mehul and Sagar were the inseparable part of team. We seen some ups and downs in starting but after sometime we took speed and we were growing exponentially. These people have same goal – to let the students to ride of entertain, fun with craft, art, play and stage play. We had lot of audition, ellims, etc…They had crated a marvelous hut for registration, and that was just the start. Then lots of posters with lots of innovative artistic ideas. Then huge poster of nakshatra and yes the wings and and and Mehul’s “3-D N”, canteen corridor looks like garden. The management before, during and after the event was fabolous – events were going smoothly. And at the end the day comes – The Night, we all were confident regarding the success but at the same time we had a lot of tension. But they had created a history through their work. All the participants, anchors, my team members are responsible for this glorious success and specially presentations were so so so so much heart touching that i can’t take a breathe for a while.So thanks a lot to all of you…    Image


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