We are talking about independence, but we just want to take independence we don’t want to give some sort of independence to others, and we are arguing that we are not giving independence to them as we want to save our culture,our family values and so called Indian heritage values.

Here, i am not against the great Indian culture or great Indian values, but i want to justify my idea with a simple quote, a great line said by a great man Mr.M.K.Gandhi “Be the change you want to see in the world”.

We are now in 21st century, we want some change, but actually we don’t have trust on change and so we are trapped in our narrow minded believes.

We are trying to judge people from Facebook profile or other 1/2 face to face talk or simple text chatt, while on the other side we are not able to judge our selves, our nature, our mentality after a whole journey of life…What a controversial matter here!!!

So at the end i want to say that give some freedom, aazaadiyaa to your dear-ones and accept them with their values, qualities, than they can be remain yours whole life otherwise they find themselves in a cage of homo sapience.So, if we don’t want to mark any expiry date in our relationship, than we don’t need to apply any restriction,constrained on them.

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Aazaadiyaa hum chahte hai, Khushiyo ko jeene ki…Ghamo ko sambhalne ki…Rishton ko nibhane ki…;

Aazaadiyaa hum chahte hai,Barishh me bina bajey bhigne ki…Shardi me bina bajey thitharne ki…Garni me dhoop me nahane ki…;

Aazaadiyaa hum chahte hai,Din ko raat aur raat ko din samjne ki…sham ko khwabo me bitane ki…;

Saans lena azaadi nahin hai,hume chahiye azaadi ek-ek saans ke ehsas ki…;

Aazaadiyaa chahiye hume,bina rango ke rang bharne ki…bina soye sapne dekhne ki…;

Aazaadiya chahiye hume,Aasman me taine ki…Zammen pe udneki…pani me chalne ki…;


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