///CrazY mONSOOn\\\

Some says that rain is melancholy but for me its an opportunity to spent some crazy moments with friends with my own self…Its a not a just one season, but its a time which leads you to the in your heart…Lips started to smile, eyes started to dance, hearts started to sing, minds started to remember your closest one, we stared to fill alone in a group or fill completeness even if we are alone, means we just started to love our-self in beautiful environment of monsoon.

Enjoy each drop which touches your lip, eyes, hands, skin and you will fill like a king of whole world…Try to feel the smell which we get from earth-crust after falling of rain.

Let us celebrate the longest festival of our earth…The Monsoon…

Waiting to see
The meaning of seen and unseen
To see
The beauty, the truth, the reality…

Wishing to sing
The sung and unsung…

Wishing to hear
The music in everything…

By Apurva Mehta Posted in Nature

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