…NoT By nAMe bUt bY FacE…

We meet or come across with lots of people in our day to day life, who we may not know by name but we know them better by their face…Its strange but true…

For example…people whom we meet during day-to-day travel (i.e. up-down), or some face whom we see every day in canteen during our lunch, etc…but one different things is that some time we find some unknown faces in our dreams, but we are not able to find our who are they…???…Isn’t it strange…???, but the more strange thing is that we find them interesting…why…why…???

Because we are trying to find our self in them.isn’t it?. Its 100% true…Sometimes we follow some people upto that extent that we may forget our self…but its completely unavoidable matter, its just a human nature…

So, just try to enjoy each and every moment with your unknown friend and make your day beautiful like a cherish dream…


2 comments on “…NoT By nAMe bUt bY FacE…

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